Before you buy CBD, ask these questions April 1, 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Where was the hemp grown?
It all starts with the soil.  Hemp is mainly grown for industrial purposes, and is a known bio-accumulator, which means that it sucks up a large amount of whatever is in the soil in which it grows.

Not only that, but the growing conditions for hemp aren’t federally regulated, which makes it very difficult to know when you’re getting a high quality, clean, and safe product. Know the growing conditions of the soil, overall environment, and extraction methods as best you can.

Stono Creek only uses industrial hemp grown on US soil, as it is unknown/unverified whether hemp that comes from overseas has been grown in soil exposed to toxic spills, pesticides, or other dangerous chemicals.

Has this product undergone any 3rd party testing? And are those results readily available (and verifiable)?
Current CBD oils created by licensed producers are manufactured for the maximum health benefit. Whether that’s a careful balance of THC and CBD or a pure CBD formula, these oils have been formulated with precision.  Be sure that you can easily obtain batch testing results to verify potency and purity before buying.

How was the CBD extracted from the plant?
There are a number of methods used for extracting Hemp Extract, including:  supercritical CO2 extraction, butane, ethanol, and olive oil, to name the most common.

With Butane, ethanol, and olive oil methods, a novice home-grower can extract CBD from the hemp plant; this is good news for home-growers, but buyers should be aware that while not true in every case, it is easy for toxins (in the case of butane and ethanol) to make their way into hemp extracted at the hands of the inexperienced.

The highest standard of extraction is called Supercritical CO2 extraction. During this process, hemp is put under high pressure and low temperatures, extracting CBD without the need for volatile chemicals.  While it is a complex method, it is the known as a clean and safe method of extraction that ensures a pure hemp extract product.  Stono Creek Apothecary hemp products use hemp extracted using CO2 extraction.

Is it easy to find the potency of CBD in the product? Or is the label confusing/unclear?

If it’s too hard to find, does it even exist?  Not all drops are created equal when it comes to hemp extract.   Not only does the % of CBD extracted from a sample matter, but the % of CBD infused into a product is also critical for knowing how much you are putting in your body.  The FDA is not yet regulating labeling of CBD products, which means that many CBD companies are simply not disclosing what’s in the bottle – or they intentionally use deceptive, misleading terminology (such as selling low CBD Hemp OIL instead of high CBD Hemp EXTRACT).

Your label should indicate how much CBD is in each bottle at the least, and if it’s an oral tincture, it should indicate how much CBD is in each measured serving (one dropper, one capsule, etc.).

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