Get ready for CBD-infused EVERYTHING April 29, 2019 – Posted in: Lifestyle

Have you tried CBD in your favorite beverage yet?  
It’s my  favorite thing!

Hi, this is Dee, co-founder of Stono Creek Apothecary, and here is a pic of me in my happy place sipping on some CBD-infused chai tea at Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters in Crystal Lake, IL., where we supply premium CBD for their bullet-proof CBD pucks.  Whats a CBD puck you ask?  A CBD puck (named such because of it’s shape) is a blend of coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and CBD oil, which is solid at room temp but transforms into frothy magic once blended into a hot drink. Yum! 😋 For those regulars out there who live and dream by a daily visit to their local cafe, this treat offers daily recommended serving of CBD (~25MG) in every cup.

Now here’s the thing…
When consuming your CBD via drinks, food, etc., you still want to be cognizant about a a couple things:

• Given the medium (drink, food), how much CBD will you be getting in a serving, and do you care? For instance if the CBD is infused in a pre-cooked hamburger patti (true story!), you may want to consider your CBD serving more of a novelty than a daily dose.

• Along those lines, consider how likely the CBD you’ll be consuming is of a quality that delivers healthful benefits.  If said serving comes in the form of a fast food hamburger, one may surmise that the quality of CBD is more of a fast-food grade. If your CBD is coming from a juice bar or cafe, you have a better chance of getting at least a consistent serving – but the same rules apply that do when you buy CBD “off the shelf”:  always ask how much you’re getting per serving and where the oil was sourced. This information should be readily available by the people selling you a CBD-infused edible.  And if they can’t answer it, you may want to re-consider consuming it.

All Stono Creek products come with an available batch record that indicates 3rd party test results on the hemp extract used in our products. 

To your health!