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Stono Creek Hemp Extract Tincture 1500 MG Advanced Potency

Please note that neither the FDA or any other medical governing body has determined a definitive “treatment structure” for the use of CBD.  And as we are also not medical experts, we want you to know that our advice is based on our own personal experience and understanding of CBD.  We strongly encourage you to seek-out more information on your own, especially if you have a specific condition or ailment that you’re hoping CBD can help.  If you are on any other medications, we also encourage you to do some homework on CBD and any known interactions with your specific medication.  Please consult your doctor, or a licensed medical expert if you feel that you need real medical advice on the best way to integrate CBD into your health regimen.


More and more small studies support Hemp Extract for its ailment-treating effectiveness. Hemp Extract should not be considered as an alternative to traditional medicine and should be discussed with a physician as a potential supplement. But much research continues to emerge with evidence that Hemp Extract provides relief from a variety of different ailments, including seizures, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and more.

Ways to take Hemp Extract

There are many ways to take Hemp Extract (gummies, sprays, capsules, buds), but one of the fastest and most popular is called “sublingual application”, which many report feeling the effects of Hemp Extract in around 5-20 minutes as it is absorbed into the bloodstream, bypassing digestion. Another reason oils are so popular is due to their measurability, which leads to consistent dosing.

You can also apply Hemp Extract directly to the skin, and there are many *mostly anecdotal reports of it working to help with skin irritation, inflammation, and pain. What’s really interesting about the testimonials of people who’ve used Hemp Extract creams to help with muscle strains and recovery is that it works better and better the more they use it. Some people say that the Hemp Extract builds up in the dermis, and has a cumulative effect over time. Again, this is just speaking from anecdotal evidence, and should not be taken as medical advice 🙂

Everybody – and every body – is different

“Take one dropper of Hemp Extract per day,” is one of the most common dosage recommendations we hear. While this can definitely be a dosage, there’s no way to tell if it’s the right dosage for a given individual as it doesn’t take into account important factors such as:

  • The concentration of Hemp Extract
  • The weight of the individual
  • The individual’s body chemistry
  • The severity of the condition being treated

Everybody’s endocannabinoid system operates differently, so dosage can vary widely from one person to the next. That is to say, that some will find relief with 3 MG twice a day, while others are closer to 200 MG four times a day – or higher!  It may take time to find the proper dosage and delivery method of Hemp Extract products to find the needed relief, so be patient. Some effects may be felt immediately, while others take a while to “build up”.

** One of the most common mistakes we see people make is only taking their Hemp Extract once every few days or only when they are actively in pain, feeling anxious, or having trouble sleeping (the most common reasons people take Hemp Extract).  This is contrary to the way modern medicine has conditioned us to think about our wellness – treat the symptom now.  Not that this is a bad thing – especially when suffering from serious and chronic conditions.  There is a time and place for immediate relief.  But taking Hemp Extract just isn’t the same as popping a couple Tylenol and calling it a day.  While there are studies pointing to the benefits of taking single large doses of Hemp Extract (600-800MG), the best effects will be felt with consistency over time.  And we REALLY want you to experience the full benefits of Hemp Extract 🙂

Stono Creek Serving Guidelines:

How do I know how much I’m taking?

Each of our Hemp Extract Oil tinctures comes with a 1 ML graduated dropper, with lines at every  .25 mL to help with accurate and consistent dosing.

Showing graduated dropper and bottle of the Hemp Extract 1500MG tincture

How Much Should I start with? 

A single recommended serving size for both of our Sublingual Hemp Extract tinctures is based on a a full 1 ML dropper.  We have this indicated on the Nutrition Facts panels on the Everyday Wellness 3o0 MG and Advanced Potency 1500 MG labels.

If you’ve never taken Hemp Extract before, we recommend starting with a .25 ML serving, which will allow for a gentle and gradual introduction into your system.  After doing this for about a week, we suggest gradually increasing your serving to 1 full ML over the course of a week.  After 2 weeks, you may start to notice that you are sleeping for longer periods of time at night (fewer wake-ups), or that you feel that you are dreaming more. This is not true for everyone, but it is something we hear our customers telling us time and again.

We created the chart below to help you understand how many milligrams (MG) of hemp extract you will be taking in a given measurement.  This chart shows information for both our Everyday Wellness 300MG as well as our Advanced Potency 1500 MG Sublingual Hemp Extract products.

Serving Guidelines - Hemp Extract TInctures

When is the best time to take it?

Remember how we mentioned that everybody and every body is different when it comes to finding the best dosage? Well the same is true for time of day and frequency throughout the day.  The best we can suggest is to consider some ways that people enjoy taking their CBD, giving it a try, and seeing how you feel.

Generally, the two most popular times people take it are in the morning – directly under the tongue for quick absorption or blended in coffee/morning shake, or right before bed (optimally, after brushing teeth, so that all remaining CBD can be absorbed as you sleep vs. washing down the sink). Again, consistency is key, so if you can find a time of day when you’re kicking off a routine (brushing teeth, taking vitamins, breakfast, downing a protein shake, settling in to bed with a book, etc. –  regardless of time of day – go with it.

Here are some ways we know of that people are taking their CBD.  Feel free to share your routine in the comments!

  • 1/2 dropper in the am, 1/2 in the pm
  • 1 full dropper in the am or pm
  • 1 full dropper 2 x/daily

There are studies that exist regarding the benefits of taking intermittent high doses of CBD for curbing drug cravings, helping with PTSD triggers, and reducing duration and severity of Epilipsy (as examples).  If you’re thinking about using CBD for one of those issues, visit our Hemp Research page to find scientific studies related to your needs, or visit any number of well-known resources on hemp CBD to seek out more information.  

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