What Can We Do? October 19, 2020 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Mindful Meditations, Poetry, Uncategorized

What Can we do?

We can hide from our shadows and snuff out our splendor.
We can avoid the lonely confrontation of transformation.
We can bury our feelings one choked-back tear at a time.
One self-sabotoging fear at a time.

We can mutter our woes and pledge allegiance to our martydom, wearing our futility like a purple heart.

And we can expect that that they’ll notice our new hair cut, that the handyman will show up on time, that our leaders will stop filing for bankruptcy – and that Thanksgiving will be perfect.

We can expect to be seen
To be respected
To be heard
to be loved.

We can do all of this – holding on, in vain, to the promised land that only ever existed in the twisted minds of the delusional and powerful.

Or –

Perhaps we can admit that no one is coming to save us.

That we will never receive what we believe we are owed.

Perhaps we can agree that no one is deserving of attention, or love, or respect more than the mere ant that walks across the table, hauling scraps 50 times its bodyweight.

Perhaps we can flow through the lessons that stream through our consciousness, patiently waiting to be captured and released.

Maybe we can accept that the problem isn’t the dog that won’t stop barking, the child who holds the mirror, or the “other” whose hardships trigger our most ancient limbic neuroticism.

Perhaps we can learn to revere our inherent radiance, and trust that our pain does not require the imprisonment of our love, nor the sharing of our gifts.

Just maybe.
What we will find is that we are powerful beyond belief.


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