An Ode to Essentials December 30, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Olfactory Essentials
Dee Heffernan

I grab my utility knife to cut the tape that seals the bright blended aroma of essential oils within the cardboard box that contains my goodies. A hodgepodge of lotions and soaps, body scrubs, and facial cleansers – a monthly-or-so supply of personal care products that come straight from the factory. Sometimes this box contains a birthday present or article of clothing that my mom remembered she forgot to send for the girls. Or perhaps I’ll find a ziplock back with unlabeled lip balms, it’s corresponding sticky note with a heart or a silly cartoon scrawled in my dad’s handwriting.

First I slice the ends, where the tape wraps over the edge of the box. I can hear the rip-rip of the tape gun in my memory’s ear, as I’ve heard countless times before. Then I press the tip of the knife down gently in the narrow opening between the top flaps, and slide it effortlessly across the seam.

As soon as the seal is broken, a familiar aroma of blended essential oils – peppermint, citrus, some lavender – waft up to my nose and my lungs expand reflexively to breathe in the life force of home. It’s the same aroma that greets me at the door of the building, catching me off-guard every time, with its magnetic, enigmatic, gravitational power over my senses.


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