MuscleUP™ Recovery Bundle (save $15)


Sport CBD – MuscleUP™ CBD-Infused Body Care for Athletes – Buy all three and save $15

Soothe and restore from head to toe with Whooped by MuscleUP™, a heavily-hydrating all-over CBD Body Butter with an uplifting, mellow citrus aroma.  As with all products in the MuscleUP™ collection, you’ll enjoy a high concentration of botanically therapeutic CBD extract (1,000 MG per jar).  Imagine this: you, fresh out of the tub, exhausted, warm, satisfied. Your skin is fresh and dewy – it’s the perfect time to apply your favorite lotion to lock-in those gains.  We’re talking, a whipped butter trio of shea butter, argan oil, and cocoa seed butter (yum!).  That’s right, Whooped contains real, natural moisturizers that won’t leave skin feeling greasy or tacky.  But wait, there’s more!
  You don’t need to smell like a flower to get the benefits of this deeply nourishing body butter.  Whooped is made for all noses, naturally fragranced with organic citrus peel oil. It’s bright and uplifting, but not overbearing.

Cover yourself in a halo of chill with Ice Out Cooling CBD lotion by MuscleUP™.  Featuring a high concentration of CBD (1,000 MG), aloe vera, menthol, and a variety of natural butters & essential oils, this botanically-rich CBD cream is the athlete’s choice.

Added Benefits:
• For athletes on-the-go, Ice Out Cooling CBD lotion comes in a TSA-compliant 3.4 oz bottle that delivers 100 uses per bottle*.
• Does not contain: phthalates, mineral oils, dyes, animal bi-products, or artificial fragrance.
*The estimated figure for uses per bottle is based on a 100 ML bottle and a pump mechanism that delivers an advertised 1 ML per pump.  In other words, 1 pump = 1 ML (and therefore, 100 pumps = 100 ML = 1 bottle). This also assumes a recommended use of 1 pump per use, which is common for this formula as it distributes easily over skin.

Does your best thinking happen in the tub? Well now your best recovery can too!  The Super Soak +CBD Bubble Bath by MuscleUP™ checks all the boxes – Relaxing? Check. Smells amazing? Check. Good for you? Check! Check! Check!  Loaded with 1,000 MG of CBD, and botanical heavyweights aloe vera, lavender, chamomile, and orange peel. Can you smell that? It smells like relief.
Not just any bubbles…
Every bottle of Super Soak +CBD Bubble Bath contains 1,000 MG of pure THC-Free CBD extract. That’s right! While you close your eyes and listen to your book or daydream about maxing your next lift, your body’s cannabinoid receptors (which are located all throughout your skin), are soaking in the balancing and alleviating benefits of CBD.

Added Benefits

MuscleUP™ Super Soak +CBD Bubble Bath is an SLS-free formula made from ethically-sourced domestic and international ingredients with no harsh chemicals, sulfates, artificial colors, paraffin, or mineral wax.

Weight 2 oz