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About Stono Creek ApothecaryMade in the U.S.A, start to finish

Stono Creek Apothecary produces holistic wellness products infused with Hemp Oil Extract.

To ensure the cleanliness, potency, and consistency of each product, we source our hemp extract from sustainable hemp cultivars in the USA, and have each batch  3rd party tested for potency, microbial and and stability.

Learn more about our Hemp Extract products by visiting our FAQ page.


Our Commitment to People & the Planet:

At Stono Creek, we believe in the importance of taking care of each other and the planet we all share. From the products we make, and the policies we follow when making them, to the guiding principles that underpin our company culture, we strive to make positive and meaningful contributions to this World.

On Sustainability
By implementing environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes, we aim to conserve the environment and foster wellbeing in the communities we serve now and in the future. We work to understand and reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities through the whole lifecycle of our products.

On Diversity and Inclusion
Stono Creek Apothecary respects, values and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. We believe that our strength lies in our diversity among the broad range of people, partners, and customers we work with. We consider diversity and inclusion a driver of corporate excellence and seek out diversity of participation, thought and action. It is our aim, therefore, that our members, partners, and key stakeholders reflect and embrace these core values.