Set your recovery to overdrive while beating drying winter weather! December 21, 2021 – Posted in: Uncategorized

MuscleUP™ Elite Athletics Whooped Body Butter, Ice-Out Cooling Lotion, and Super Soak Herbal Bubble Bath

MuscleUP™ Elite Athletics Whooped Body Butter, Ice-Out Cooling Lotion, and Super Soak Herbal Bubble Bath

Set your recovery to overdrive while beating the dry skin damaging winter weather!

Winter weather wreaks all kinds of havoc on skin and complexions.  Your exposed skin is vulnerable to chapping and drying from the cold temperatures and biting winds.  Even on days and nights when wild weather conditions don’t apply, atmospheric humidity levels are much lower in the winter months.  Especially on those cold dark mornings when you’re hitting the gym before the sun is even out!  Brrrr!!  Talk about cold stiff muscles and tight dry skin!  All of these factors combined with the drying effects of indoor heating systems make it essential to have a skin care strategy so that you and your skin glow every time you step out of the gym and into light!  

Enter Stono Creek CBD and our MuscleUP™ Hemp line.  MuscleUP™ is complete with a soothing “Super Soak” bubble bath in Lavender, a “Whooped” Body Butter in Grapefruit and our minty fresh “Ice Out” cooling relief cream, ALL packed with 1000mg of THC-Free Hemp-derived CBD.  

Recovery doesn’t just mean going easy.  Recovery is active and purposeful. 
Your body and skin need to recover from the stresses of the day, your time in the gym, work, kids etc…! 

MuscleUP™ Super Soak sets the tone for your recovery by engulfing you in a hot cbd and lavender filled cocoon where all your daily stresses can melt away. 

MuscleUP™ Super Soak +CBD Bubble Bath

Step out of your soak and dive directly into a jar of our Whooped Body Butter!  It’s thick on purpose  and packed with cbd, giving you a complete moisture enhancing, skin-soothing formula.  This butter is perfect for massaging all over your body to lock in that moisture and keep those scaly dry patches at bay. 

MuscleUP™ Whooped CBD Body Butter

And lastly, use our Ice Out pain cream, also loaded with cbd and a special pain-relieving formula, to help soothe aches and pains while continuing to moisturize and enhance healthy skin.  Use this to pay closer attention to any sore muscles, joints and/or pain spots that need a little extra massage and attention.    

MuscleUP™ Ice Out Cooling CBD Lotion

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, recovery is important business!  While you may be able to work your mental muscles to eat right and work harder, no one is capable of willing their body and skin to recovery.  Muscle Up Hemp can help you build your strategy to ensure your body is actively recovering while your skin stays moisturized and your stress melts away!



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