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This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate a love that goes beyond the usual teddy bears and chocolate sweets – a love for wellness, physical health, and perhaps someone special who shares your passion for self care. Whether you’re admiring an athlete from afar or getting closer to someone who takes their wellness as seriously as you do, our special 20% discount on wellness products is here to support you and your love-affirming journey.

CBD Body and Skin Care: Fast-Acting Relief and Nourishment

Recent studies have shed light on the remarkable effectiveness of CBD when applied to the skin. Within minutes of application, CBD absorbs through the skin tissue, swiftly reaching the deeper tissues of muscles and joints. This rapid absorption is due to the presence of cannabinoid receptors in the skin, muscles, and joints. These receptors eagerly interact with the applied CBD, allowing the compound to bind and activate its properties quickly and effectively.

Most people turn to CBD topically for pain relief, thanks to its ability to regulate everything from inflammation to pain sensitivity through the nervous system.

Give the gift of a good WHOOPing 

For those who understand the importance of treating their body right, MuscleUp’s Whooped CBD Body Butter is a dream. Ideal after a warm shower following a vigorous workout or sauna sesh, when your pores are open and ready to absorb nourishment. Better yet, double down by making  it part of your nighttime routine.  With a Shea Butter base and zero petroleums, mineral oils, or artificial preservatives, this body butter is concentrated with goodness so that you get all the benefits without any of the other junk.

CBD Body Balm: Gentle Care for Dry and Sensitive Areas

Our CBD Body Balm is a gentle hero for those areas of your skin that crave extra attention, especially when traditional lotions just aren’t enough.

This balm stands out with its ability to provide deep, soothing nourishment to dry areas, leveraging the natural power of CBD. Known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, CBD offers targeted relief to areas like hands, elbows, and feet, which often suffer from dryness and discomfort.

But the benefits don’t stop there. CBD’s ability to regulate sebum production and its antioxidant properties make this balm a skin health champion, addressing concerns from redness and irritation to helping maintain overall skin balance. It’s not just a balm; it’s a soothing embrace for your skin. We’ve even gone the extra step to add natural lavender oil to this balm – not a hint of alcohol or artificial fragrance, both known to irritate already compromised or sensitive skin.

Advanced Potency CBD Drops: A Sweet Slumber Gift for Your Loved One

Gift a touch of serenity with our Advanced Potency CBD Drops, a thoughtful addition to your loved one’s wellness routine. These drops are a versatile companion for those moments when a little calm is needed. Easily integrated into daily life, they can be added to a morning coffee, a post-workout smoothie, or simply placed under the tongue — a flexible choice for any time of day.

Their use isn’t confined to the quiet of night. Whether it’s to ease into the morning or to find a moment of tranquility amid a busy day, these drops can be a subtle yet effective way to enhance well-being. Offering them to your sweetheart is more than a gesture; it’s sharing a path to gentle relaxation, whenever it’s welcomed.

Relief Cream: The Perfect Recovery Companion

Discover the straightforward benefits of our Relief Cream, crafted with a powerful blend of menthol, CBD, and shea butter. This cream is a go-to for anyone who tests their physical limits, whether in the gym or in daily life. Its cooling sensation makes it ideal for massaging into those areas that feel the strain of your active endeavors.

Apply it after a workout, a long day on your feet, or whenever your body signals the need for some extra care. The combination of ingredients works effectively to soothe and refresh. This isn’t just another cream; it’s a practical tool for anyone looking to support their body’s recovery after exertion. Gift it to yourself or someone who appreciates an active lifestyle – it’s a straightforward way to show you understand what it means to stay on the move.

A Celebration of Shared Passions

This Valentine’s Day, we’re not just offering a discount; we’re celebrating the love of wellness, physical health, and the connections that come from shared passions. With the code LOVE24, you’re not just buying products; you’re embracing a lifestyle that honors your body and your connections. Offer valid until February 14, 2024.

Love is in the air, and it’s time to show it – to yourself, and to those who share your journey.

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